Friday, December 14, 2012

Guardian of Atlantis -- Book #1 in series

Will Raven find the inner strength she needs to survive?

Will she be able to protect Atlantis?

Sixteen-year-old Raven Weir has a somewhat normal life until she receives a mysterious necklace…a necklace others are willing to kill her to get because it contains the key codes to Atlantis. Now she finds she’s the only one standing between Atlantis and those who want to use the power hidden there to take over the world.

And Zeus is at the head of that line.

On top of worrying about social acceptance at school, Raven has to get control of her growing powers before she harms someone. And it doesn’t help that the alpha Hellhound at school is attracted to her while members of his pack are trying to kill her. And then there’s the whole biological parent issue. Finding out you’re adopted is huge, but discovering you’re actually the daughter of Medusa and Poseidon will definitely cause problems.

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Wrath of Hades --  Book #2 of series

Being the Guardian of Atlantis doesn't make life any easier for Raven Weir.

The consequences of her actions haunt her, her unreliable powers put her and everyone around her in danger, and Hades is doing everything he can to destroy Raven's life so he can take back her soul and gain control of Atlantis.